If your account got blocked due to numerous failed attempts to log in, kindly check the following first:

1. Check if your Caps Lock is turned ON as the password is case sensitive

2. If you have not changed your password in the last 2 months, your password most likely expired

3. Check that your COL account number is correct on the User ID fields

If you have entered an incorrect password or if your password has expired - kindly click the FORGOT PASSWORD link underneath the Login section, answer the security questions and a new password will be emailed to your registered email address. This will unblocked your account already.

If the COL account number is incorrect - please call us at +632 6515888 for assistance. If you are overseas, send us an email at helpdesk@colfinancial.com. 

Note: If you cannot access your registered email address to retrieve your new password. You would need to update your email address. To update. click here for instructions.