You can check how much funds you can withdraw from your COL account using the Online Withdrawal Facility. 

STEP 1: Log into your COL account

STEP 2: Click on the TRADE tab

STEP 3: Click on the PORTFOLIO link



Here we have provided you with details on how much you can withdraw under the column TOTAL WITHDRAWABLE AMOUNT. But please take note that if you have just sold your stocks, you would need to wait two (2) business days after your selling date before the withdrawal request can be processed. This settlement period is called (T+2). For mutual fund selling transaction, once the funds would reflect in your PORTFOLIO, you may request for its withdrawal already. 

Example 1: If you sold your shares on Monday - we will process your withdrawal request on Thursday

Example 2: If you sold your shares on Wednesday - we will process your withdrawal request on the following Monday

You may also check your processing/settlement date if you go to WITHDRAWAL STATUS - to know more click here