Most common reasons why your withdrawal check was rejected by your registered bank are:

  1. Your bank account name does not match your COL account name. 
  2. The bank account registered in your COL profile is incorrect. 
  3. Your bank account is a "Cash Deposit Only" account and does not accept check deposits. 
  4. Your bank account is already dormant or closed.

If  your check has been rejected by the bank, you have an option to: 

  • Register another local bank account which accepts check deposits and has the same owners as your COL account  - for instructions click here
  • Pick-up your check in our COL Business Center in Pasig City - for complete address click here
  • Call your bank branch and ask if they can lift restrictions to accept the check deposit 
  • Update your COL account name to be similar with your bank account name 
  • Modify your bank account name to be similar with your COL account name