Warrants are like an option that gives you the right to purchase an underlying stock at a specified exercise price at a specified exercise time. Warrants can also be traded in PSE like common shares.


Warrant Code

Like a stock code, this is the code of the warrant that is listed on the PSE

Underlying Stock

This is the common stock that you can buy during the exercise period

Warrant Ratio

This ratio will indicate how many common shares you can buy with your warrants. In this example for every 1 warrant, you can buy 1 underlying stock

Excercise Price

You can buy the underlying stock at this price

Exercise Period

The specified dates when you can exercise warrants

Exercise Dates

The dates that the transfer office can process your request to exercise the warrants. (Please take note of Option 2 onĀ how to exercise your warrants).

Maturity Date

When your warrants mature and no longer have value