OPTION 1: Using the warrants online

Step 1: Sell the warrants online

Step 2 (Optional): Buy the underlying stock. Use the proceeds from the sale of the warrant to buy the underlying stock


OPTION 2: Exercise the warrants

Step 1: Convert the electronic warrants into a warrant certificate. You will need to through the UPLIFTMENT process. (approximate time is 1-3 months)

Step 2: Once the warrant certificate is available, pick up the warrants at COL's business center and proceed to the transfer office

Step 3: Present the warrant certificate, fill out a purchase form and give a check payment for the purchase of the underlying stock to the transfer office

Step 4: The transfer office will contact you when your underlying stock certificate is available for pick up (approximate time is 1-3 months)


a) Upliftment Fee: Php150 to Php162 per stock certificate

b) Exercise price x shares you will buy

*If you want to trade the underlying stock, you would need to go through a lodgement process to convert it into electronic shares for trading