There could be a number of situations that can prevent you from entering an order during trading time, some of which are listed below:

1. A connection problem may exist between the client and COLFinancial or between the PSE and COLFinancial. This can only be remedied by the reestablishment of connectivity.

2. Your attempt to buy or sell may have exceeded or surpassed your credit. Simply check your Portfolio Balances under the TRADE/PORTFOLIO menu tab to examine your available balances.

3. It could be possible that you have had posted an order already committing your shares or cash and this is preventing you from posting a new order. Check your posted orders under the TRADE/PORTFOLIO menu option, then click on VIEW/MODIFY ORDER function to verify this. A posted order, even if it is not filled will temporarily lock out your available cash as it reserves it for that transaction. This is similar to a stock position being sold - once posted. And unless that posted order is canceled first, that stock cannot be placed into an order twice or simultaneously as the stock position has already been earmarked by the system.

4. You may be trying to place an order before or after trading time. Remember that trading time starts at 9:30 AM and ends at 12:10 PM. If you wish to place an order during these periods please use the Off-hours Order.

*For further inquires please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (632) 86515888.