Note: You cannot modify orders during Pre-Open period between 9:15pm to 9:30pm and during Pre-Close period between 3:18pm to 3:20pm.

You can attempt to Modify an order to lessen your desired volume in an earlier posted order. The price of which must remain the same and the new volume must satisfy the minimum board lot rule. You can only modify the volume of posted non-matched orders (which does not include matched or partially matched orders) in the following manner:

  1. Click on the TRADE/PORTFOLIO menu tab followed by VIEW/MODIFY ORDER.
  2. Any posted order (whether partly filled or not) will be listed.
  3. From this list the option to MODIFY will be shown on the left of each separate order, click on the word MODIFY (which may appear in blue) to choose this action type.
  4. A detail box will surface to ask for the new intended volume. Enter the new desired volume then press PREVIEW CHANGE ORDER.
  5. An order to MODIFY will also be followed by a confirmation screen which will ask you to enter your password for verification. Simply enter your password then press the Modify Order button to acknowledge.
  6. You can click on VIEW/MODIFY ORDER again after a couple of seconds to check for updates on your request.

*Note: If your desire is to change the price of an order or increase its volume, you must first cancel your current order then re-enter a new order.