Your bank details are important for your withdrawal requests. When making a withdrawal request, COL Financial would prepare a check under the COL account holder's name. You may choose to pick up the check at our business center or choose the bank deposit option.

If you choose the bank deposit option, COL Financial will only credit your withdrawal check to your registered bank account.

To change your bank details log into your COL account and follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click the HOME tab

STEP 2: Click the CHANGE PROFILE link on the sub menu

STEP 3: Click the EDIT button beside the BANK DETAILS portion

STEP 4: Input your new bank details on the fields provided and when done...

STEP 5: Click the SUBMIT AND PRINT button

Review the details to make sure everything is correct before printing the form.

STEP 6: Print the form

STEP 7: Sign on the Signature portion

Note: For Joint Or accounts, only one (1) signature is needed.

STEP 8: Fax or Email the signed form to our Operation Department

Fax Number: (02) 6875459

Email Address:

Important Note: Kindly send your Bank Update request 2 to 3 business days before your withdrawal request.