PSE EASy is an online system developed by the PSE to make investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPO)s more convenient. This is a new system for the previous IPO subscription process called the Local Small Investors Program (LSIP).

To subscribe to an IPO via PSE EASy, you may follow the steps below: 

1. Go to and register. Details on how to register can be found in the attachment below. PSE Easy details should be consistent with your COL profile. 

2. You will receive a COL Easy validation number on your registered email in 1-2 days. Enter the given validation number in the Change Profile page of your COL Account to connect it.

Note: If the IPO is a REIT, kindly also agree on the CONSENT TO TRADE REITs banner found in the homepage of your COL account.

3. Once an IPO is available, you can subscribe by logging in to your PSE Easy Account and clicking the subscribe button after  you input the number of shares that you wish to order.

4. Pay through the payment options before the given deadline. Please refer to the funding instructions that you will receive via PSE EASy account and/or email once you have subscribed to the PSE EASy IPO offerings.

5. Wait for your shares to be credited to your COL account. Once it is listed in the market, you may already start trading.

If you do not have a COL account yet - click here to apply for one

Should you need more info, you may email us at or send us a message at our official Facebook page.