For Joint AND and Corporate accounts, you can use the Online Withdrawal Facility however an additional requirement of a scanned copy of a signed withdrawal form is needed to complete your withdrawal request. 

Below are the steps to request for a withdrawal using the Online Withdrawal Facility:

STEP 1: Log into your COL account

STEP 2: Click on the TRADE tab

STEP 3: Click on the PORTFOLIO link


Upon clicking the WITHDRAWAL REQUEST link, you can now fill out your withdrawal details:

STEP 1: Fill out the amount you would like to withdraw from your COL account

STEP 2: Choose your preferred withdrawal settlement option

        Option 1: Deposit to your COL enrolled Bank Account

        Option 2: Pick up a check in our Business Center in Pasig City

STEP 3: Fill in the additional details needed for your preferred withdrawal settlement option

STEP 4: Click the SUBMIT button when you are done

STEP 5: A confirmation page will appear, enter your password then click CONFIRM

STEP 6: A summary page will appear, click PRINT FORM

STEP 7: Print and both account holders should sign on the corresponding fields

STEP 8: Submit the signed form to before the deadline

    Deadline is at:

    11:00am of your processing date

Important note: If the signed form is not received before the deadline, your withdrawal request would automatically be cancelled. You may input a new withdrawal request again should you wish to continue with your withdrawal.