Here's how to subscribe or accept a Tender Offer:

  1. Log into your COL account and click on the Tender Offer Banner found at the HOME tab
  2. Indicate how many shares you wish to sell at the fixed price offered
  3. Click SUBSCRIBE
  4. Check your Tender Offer status in your Portfolio page under the TRADE tab
  5. After the deadline of the offer period, your stocks will be taken out of your COL account
  6. On the cross or settlement date, your cash proceeds from the sale will be credited into your COL account

Important Note: Kindly check if you have any Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) orders for the stocks you wish to Tender. If you have an outstanding GTC sell order, we cannot proceed to tender your shares as they are already committed to the selling order. To proceed with the Tender Offer, kindly cancel your GTC sell order for that particular stock.