Once the stock you hold becomes delisted this would mean that your stock is no longer tradeable in the stock exchange. You would then need to convert your scripless/electronic shares into a stock certificate form. This is called upliftment. The following are the usual steps for the upliftment:

  1. Submit forms and IDs to request for a stock certificate
    • Some companies would require a personal appearance at the stock transfer office
  2. Payment for the upliftment will be deducted from your COL account (approx. fees: P150 -P200)
  3. COL will then take out your shares from your portfolio
  4. The stock company's transfer office will then process
  5. Stock certificates are usually made in several weeks to several months depending on the company
  6. You will then be notified to pick up the stock certificate

Once you have the stock certificate, you remain a shareholder of the company, will still receive any dividends declared and can go to the company's annual stock holders meeting. All these will be communicated to you via letter sent to the address you declared with the stock transfer office.