COL Financial offers advance seminars that are free for COL Financial clients. A fee of P500.00 will be collected from non-clients at the seminar registration. Reservations are strictly needed as there are limited slots available for these seminars. 

(1) Online Trading Power with COL Financial

This seminar shall give an overview of COL Financial's website and how to maximize its use. It shall focus on integral aspects of the website's functionality including the use of research reports and guides. It will also explain how to access and read price quotes, how to enter orders online and how to review essential items relating to your portfolio page. Maximizing your use of COL's web interface can present a more wholesome review of trading functionality and offer better results as a results of its appropriate use. This seminar is geared for market participants who have just started using COL Financials web interface.

(2) Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

This seminar will discuss the process of identifying fundamentally attractive stocks. It will also tackle concepts and principles used in the process such as industry and financial analysis, the impact of economic cycles and valuation techniques. This seminar is for interested market participants, with some market experience.

(3) A Primer into Technical Analysis

This seminar will introduce the rudimentary concepts and principles of technical analysis - the study of market trends to improve market timing. It shall focus on the use of price graphs in deciphering movements in demand and supply and use various technical tools such as Trendlines, Support & Resistance, and breakout and pullbacks to better foresee and sketch out potential trades. It will also introduce concepts of trend trading, explain the reason for corrections and consolidations, and discuss the use of Technical Indicators to confirm your trend analysis. All these will then be put together to outline ones trading strategy to drive and enforce a market view and action plan. This seminar is geared for market participants with some market experience.

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