There maybe several reasons why your funding has not reflected in your COL account yet. Below are the most common reasons and the solutions to them.

1. Wrong COL account number indicated in the subscriber/reference number

Check your payment slip or confirmation if the COL account number is correct. If there is a teller validation underneath, kindly check that as well. If the numbers are incorrect, please email us at and attach a copy of your payment slip or confirmation. 

2. Usage of BPI's BETA website or mobile app

Please be guided that funding through BPI’s new website and mobile app (under BETA testing phase) will reflect in your COL Account a day after. For faster crediting, we suggest using the older version of BPI’s website and mobile app.

3. Overseas remittance to BDO

Overseas remittance may take several days before the funding is reflected in the bank report to us. Kindly make sure that you have emailed us your remittance receipt at 

If none of the above reasons apply to you, kindly contact our helpdesk at (+632)86515888 or email us at