Use of Strong Passwords

Effective July 15, 2017 the use of stronger characters will require the use of the following:

  • A minimum of 8 characters in length
  • Must have at least (1) uppercase character
  • Must have at least (1) lowercase character
  • Must have at least (1) number
  • Can have the following characters as well: '~!@#$%^&\*()-_+=[]{}:;|\,.<>/?

Passwords can be changed by accessing HOME > Change Profile then click on EDIT Password button.


When entering passwords, a "weak" or "strong" notice will appear beside the New Password field. If the chosen password is weak, a new password will be asked until a strong one is chosen. Only strong passwords will be allowed.

Automatic Expiry of Passwords

On occasion, your passwords will expire and a notice to renew passwords will appear when you log in. You will have the option to maintain the current password or change it to a new one. A 5-day countdown to a new password requirement will be aired when you login.

  • Account Opening Passwords - COL's system-generated passwords upon a customer's account opening need to be changed. A prompt do so will appear when the customer logs in for the first time.


  • Countdown Warning Message - a warning message will appear 5 days before the password expires:


You may choose to maintain your current password as long as it qualifies as a "strong" type of password. (see Use of Strong Passwords above)


Use of a Trading PIN Code

With the implementation of the strong password policy, users might find it difficult to execute orders using their strong password.  Thus effective July 15, 2017 a user may activate the use of a Trading PIN code to facilitate the action of order entry. A trading PIN is a four numbered code that can be used to validate orders. Once a PIN Code is activated, you can use that PIN Code or your user password to validate orders. PIN Codes may be activated after logging in and navigating to HOME > Change Profile > click on the EDIT PIN button. The function is located just under your Change Password function.


Instructions to disable a trading PIN are shown below.


Maximum number of Log-In Attempts

Effective July 15, 2017 a user will be given (5) attempts to log-in before a time suspension is activated.

On the 4th attempt, the user will be offered a warning that they have only one attempt left before the account is suspended.

The time suspension is (1) hour after the last unsuccessful attempt after which they are given one attempt thereafter to successfully log-in.

The following error messages will be shown accordingly as you come closer to a failed log-in condition.

  • Message if login is incorrect:


  • Message on the fourth attempt:


  • Message if failed on fifth attempt:


To remedy a suspended log-in:

  • You can use the “Forgot password?” function on the COL landing page to trigger a new password to be sent to your registered email.


  • You may call or e-mail COL’s Customer support at (632) 86515-888  / to seek help in resolving your suspension