In order to buy mutual funds, you will need to access the mutual fund facility of your COL account.

1. To access the COL Fund Source facility, log into your COL account and then click on the Mutual Fund tab. 

For those who would like to first view the funds available, you will need to click FUND INFORMATION, the FUND CODE. The list of mutual funds will appear in a separate window. If this is your first time, you may need answer a suitability test before you can access this page.

Note: You can find the suitability test under "Investor Profile".

Once the separate window has opened, you will see the funds that are suitable for you. To view all the funds, select ALL.

2. Once you have selected your fund, simply click the code and then click INVEST.  

Alternatively, you can also go straight to the ORDER ENTRY tab to post your order.

3. Fill out the order entry form then click Preview Order.

Take note:

  • Transaction Type: As we are placing a BUY order, this should be set to INVEST. Header should be Green.
  • Fund Code: Input the Fund Code of your chosen fund. If you have clicked "Invest" from the Fund Information tab earlier, this should already be filled up. If not, kindly type it in. To check the mutual fund codes, you can click on FUND CODE (as shown boxed above). The list of mutual funds will appear in a separate window. 
  • Amount: Input the amount you wish to invest for this fund. Please note that the order must comply with minimum investment amount of your chosen fund. Look at the information on the right side to check the minimum initial/additional investment for your chosen mutual fund.

4. Review your order details. Once you are ready, input your password then click Place order to submit the order.


If you will be buying funds outside your risk profile for the first time, a waiver will appear. You will need to approve the waiver form that will appear on your screen when placing an order for a fund that is outside of your risk profile. By approving the waiver, it means that you have full appreciation of the fund's risk level. You will only approve the waiver once and this gives you access to all the mutual funds. 

For information on when order confirmation will be sent, please see this link. For information on order statuses, please see this link.