Yes, stock certificates can be lodged or 'deposited' into your account as long as the name appearing on the stock certificate is the same as the COLFinancial account name. You may submit the duly endorsed stock certificates to our Business Center at 2403-B East Tower PSE Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The certificates will then be submitted to the Transfer Agent for clearing then passed on to the Philippine Depository & Trust Corp (PDTC) for custody, which can take between a week to several weeks depending on the speed of the clearing process of these two organizations and if there are no discrepancies with the requirements. The Transfer Agent may also request for original signature cards and IDs to be submitted for verification purposes (signature cards are available from COL).

When depositing your stock certificates, here is what you should do:

1 Check that the name on the stock certificates is the same with your COLFinancial's account Names on the stock certificate can only be transferred to accounts with the same name
2 Check to make sure that there is a signature at the back of your stock certificate Your signature cards must show the same signature as your certificates

(For a change in signature, you have to submit a new signature card to the original transfer agent)
3 Print a signature card (which can be found below). Sign the card twice and attach it to your stock certificates One (1) Signature card per stock, regardless of number of shares
4 Photocopy (2) valid IDs for submission IDs should have a photo and signature
5 Submit all requirements (mentioned above) to our business center for processing Crediting of stock certificates may take 1-3 weeks
* A processing fee will be charged by the PDTC:
P100 transfer fee per stock
P20 cancellation fee per certificate + 12% VAT for non-bank transfer office
This can be charged to your COL Financial account provided it has enough available cash balance


Lodgement of 1 certificate of Stock A
(P100 transfer fee + P20 cancellation fee) + P14.40 VAT = P134.40

Lodgement of 2 certificates of Stock A
(P100 transfer fee + P40 cancellation fee) + P16.80 VAT = P156.80

Lodgement of 2 different stocks with 1 certificate each
Stock A (P100 transfer fee + P20 cancellation fee) + P14.40 VAT = P134.40
Stock B (P100 transfer fee + P20 cancellation fee) + P14.40 VAT = P134.40
Total = P268.80

*Non-bank transfer agents charge a VAT of 12%