PSE EASy is an online system developed by the PSE to make investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPO)s more convenient. This is a new system for the previous IPO subscription process called the Local Small Investors Program (LSIP).

Any Filipino investor can sign-up with PSE EASy. The requirements are that they have an existing account with a stockbroker and have a Philippine Tax Identification Number (TIN).

To subscribe to an IPO using the PSE EASy system here are the following steps:

Step 1: Sign-up for a PSE EASy account at

Note: COL will email you your PSE EASy reference number to input in your COL account for COL to validate your PSE EASy account. 

Step 2: Validate your PSE EASy with your COL account

Enter the reference number in your Change Profile page. Make sure that your name, birthday, TIN and email address is the same with your PSE EASy and COL account. 

Step 3: Subscribe to IPOs offered through PSE EASy

Note: Funding your IPO subscription through the PSE EASy account is through over-the-counter payments with PSE EASy partner banks. Please refer to the funding instructions you will receive once you subscribe to the PSE EASy IPO offerings.