An IPO or Initial Public Offering is when a company is offered to the public and gets listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange for the first time. A private company usually "goes public" in order to raise more capital for expansion.

By subscribing to an IPO, this means you will be requesting for shares at the company's offered price before it is available in the market. This way, you will have shares on the day the stock starts trading. Once listed, the stock can either trade above or below that offer price, depending on its performance in the market. 

You can request for a subscription of shares via IPO during the offer period at the given offer price, and any allotted shares given to you will be credited to your account on or before the listing date.

Once the stock is listed in the Exchange (on the listing date), the shares can already be traded publicly (bought and sold) in the market. There is no holding period for shares bought through IPO.

There are two ways to request for an IPO subscription:

1. Online via your COL Account

Click here for a guide on how to subscribe to an IPO via online at COL

2. Via LSIP through PSE EASy (Click here to learn more about LSIP)

Click here for a guide on how to subscribe to an IPO via LSIP/PSE EASy 

Please note that subscriptions are subject to electronic raffle (in minimum lots) in case of over-subscription as there is a limited allotment of shares issued for IPO.