All the mutual funds available in COL Fund Source have zero front-end and sales load fees. We will announce in COL Financial website if there are changes regarding the front-end fees. 

Kindly note that mutual funds have prescribed holding periods. Please refer to the matrix below for details. If you redeem your shares earlier than the holding period, you may be charged with the applicable exit fee or early redemption fee. 

To guide all our investors, we are letting you know the typical fees charged by mutual funds. 

1.Front-end load

Also known as entry fee or sales load, the front-end load is a sales commission which is a percentage of the initial investment being charged upon subscribing or buying shares of a mutual fund. 

2.Early redemption/Exit fee

The early redemption fee is paid when an investor decides to redeem shares in mutual funds prior to the completion of a specified minimum holding period. 

3.Management fee

Management fee or advisory fee is the compensation given to the investment manager of a mutual fund. This fee is based on the total value of assets under management of a fund. This fee is imputed already as part of the NAVPS and is not reflected in any statement or receipt. 

Aside from these costs, investors must keep in mind that mutual funds, like other businesses, also incur operating expenses such as brokers commissions, taxes and licenses fees, custodian and clearing fees, directors fees, and other expenses. These operating expenses reduce the overall net asset value of a mutual fund so investors essentially pay for them.