The security of your financial information is very important to us and we take every step to protect you online. We use the latest technology to ensure that our online dealing service is a safe and secure environment. Here is what we do:

Secure Sessions

When you login to our website you are always in a 'secure session' - you can tell this by looking for a padlock displayed in your browser and checking that the website address starts with 'https'. This means the data sent between your computer and our website is encrypted and even if it falls into the hands of a third party, it is virtually impossible to decipher.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption - which makes our website very secure.

Secure Login

Our login process provides another layer of security. We use the industry standard login process of User ID and Password. Only after you have correctly entered these details can you access your accounts.

Our login process does not support 'Microsoft Internet Explorer Autocomplete' feature. This means that you will always be asked to enter some security details before you can access your account. You will always be asked to re-enter your password at each login and before every order is sent to the Exchange for processing. We do this to further help you secure your personal details.

To ensure that a high level of security is maintained, please remember that you must not disclose your User ID, account details, account number(s), or passwords to anyone. Tell us immediately if you think these may have been disclosed to someone else.

Last Login

Everytime you login to our site, you will be shown the last time you logged into our website. This is a security feature - if the time and date are incorrect then please contact us immediately as it may indicate that someone else has accessed your account.

Session Timeout

You will be automatically logged off if your session remains inactive for 30 minutes after logging into our website. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account if you forget to logout. To avoid this risk please ensure you 'logout' when you have finished. To do so use the 'Logout' button in the right hand side of the website. You will only see the 'Logout' button whenever you are logged into your account.