COL's account application forms consist of 3 parts.

  1. Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
  2. Individual Disclosure Form
  3. Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA)

You would need to fill out #1 and #2 then keep the #3 for your reference.

Here are some important notes to follow when answering the #1 and #2 forms.
  1. NAME - the name on the forms must exactly match your IDs
  2. COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP & RESIDENCY - this would determine your account classification whether you are a local or foreign investor
  3. TIN - this information is mandatory for all applicants, local or foreign. 
  4. EMAIL - all passwords, receipts and communication with COL Financial will be done through email. Kindly make sure that your email is legible and correct.
  5. LOCAL BANK DETAILS - this is for withdrawal purposes. The bank account holders should be consistent with your COL account holders. 
  6. SIGNATURE - your signature on all the forms and IDs should match and be consistent.

Employment, Disclosures, Financial Profile and FATCA questions should be completely answered.

NOTE: All erasures should be countersigned and when signing on the forms, make sure to use an ink pen (pencils, markers and friction pens are not allowed).

Below is a PDF guide on how to fill out our COL application forms.